About Me - Paul Ziegler

I began taking photos in the late 1960's at the historic Watkins Glen, NY International race track. After attending my first Formula 1 race in 1967 I was hooked.  With limited funds as a teenager, my camera equipment was primitive but eventually I acquired a Canon SLR camera with a telephoto lens. I was determined to get better pictures and I did.   There were not many pictures because of the cost of film, but I am proud of the few I have that survived.  So much so, I am working on a book 'Echoes From The Glen' that will feature those images and tell the story of the fan experience watching Formula 1 racing 40 years ago.

Fast forward 40 years, marriage, children, a career as a banker and barely any time and I finally have time to get back to my passion as a photographer. I dove back into photography in earnest four years ago and began attending several major car races. Three years ago I started  the blog carcamerastory and am now averaging over a thousand page views a month.

Today the equipment is far better (I switched to SONY for many reasons but primarily because smaller and less weight to carry around on 12 hour stints at car races).  I am taking delivery of Sony's newest G Master 100-400mm lens as soon as they are released from the factory and I continue to hunt for the next great photo every time I'm out shooting.

My subject matter is primarily car racing, however I love to shoot nature, landscapes and anything of interest that creates a mood from excitement to serenity. Take my latest topic- old barns. They are vanishing at an increasing rate and the beautiful structures that are integral to our rural heritage which I knew well as a kid from Upstate New York are captured in my gallery 'Old Barns'.  Just looking at some of those pictures can lull you into a calm state by imagining you are there in the meadow soaking up the sun. The cares of the world are gone!

So whatever your preference, excitement or serenity, I hope to offer those emotions to you through my work.  I hope you enjoy what you see, and be assured I will have more new photos to bring you in the future. Happy Viewing!

Paul Ziegler, Photographer and Publisher